The goal of our counseling program is to facilitate each student’s development and growth throughout their Prep career.
看台Personalis “care for the whole person” an Ignatian Jesuit characteristic that the counselors use as an instrument to assist and guide the students at St. 约瑟的准备. Counselors at the Prep are a resource for all students and have accessible offices in Connelly Counseling and Resource Center.
If your son is struggling, academically, 情感ly or 社会ly, please contact his counselor. 以下是圣. 约瑟夫预备学校辅导员: 

  • 为学生的学业进步提供建议和咨询, 短期的社会, 情感问题.
  • Remains universally accessible and makes an effort to know every student for whom they are responsible.
  • Provides individual student planning and responsive services to support students and their families regarding academic matters.
  • Teaches guidance or related classes and provides guidance counseling to students through planned activities in small groups or classroom settings to convey educational, 社会, 以及重要的学校信息,并为家长提供工作坊/研讨会.
  • 咨询, 促进, 并与家长保持沟通, 老师, 管理员, and pertinent agents on specific student and parent academic and educational matters including academic modifications and/or accommodations.
  • Recommends appropriate action and solutions to individual students academic needs and abilities.
  • 与行为健康专家协调.
  • Participates in the Student 服务s Team by identifying students who may need targeted or intensive services.
  • 协助学生/家长/监护人了解学校的政策和程序.
  • 支持和参加适当的学生活动和事件.
  • 与教师保持一致的沟通, 工作人员, parents/guardians when individual students need additional support in area of academic, 为他们的普遍福利提供社会和援助.
  • 与教员单独会面, 工作人员 and parents when the student is in danger of academic or mental health issues.
  • Coordinates Catapult 学习服务 for executive functioning (study skills, time management, 等.) and ongoing meetings that will support students with 社会 and mental health issues.
  • Coordinates with Prep Advantage and 大学咨询 (senior year) for academic support and peer tutoring for students that need support in their academic endeavors.
  • Coordinates assemblies (Advisoree Period) with outside health organizations to address the cultural challenges facing students as well as Zoom meetings with parents and coaches as needed. 


  • 辅导员的任务

  • 个人的会议

    辅导员可以单独与学生见面. The purpose of the meeting is to gather information about a student’s academic progress, 课外活动, 社会兴趣和家庭生活, 并为那个学生提供支持. 个别预约可以由学生或辅导员安排. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their counselor to discuss any concerns or questions they may have and they are welcome to drop by just to talk. Parents are also invited to contact their son’s counselor with any questions or concerns they may have.
  • 编程

    The Prep makes great efforts to have qualified educational and mental health professionals on 工作人员. Prep Counselors are experienced practitioners who work with our students individually, 优先考虑他们的情感健康, 并在适当的时候推荐额外的支持服务.

    Dr. 约翰•贝赫那 Ph.D. 

    Dr. 斯图尔特•巴贝拉 小组D.,垃圾 

    Dr. 威廉•Gillsepie 小组D., MS 

    兄弟. 罗伯特·卡森,SJ, 

    而预科辅导员关注的是学习成绩, 他们也处理社会问题, 情感, 以及学生的行为需求. It is essential that counselors regularly examine their practices and stay actively engaged in professional development, 培训, 和认证,以便更好地满足冰球突破豪华版官网学生的需求.

    除了个人咨询,辅导员也与学生小组合作. The Prep uses outside professional speakers to help students examine topics such as: depression, 焦虑, 自杀, 性侵犯, 吸毒和酗酒.

    一般, presentations are followed up with a reflection shared between our students and counselors. These meetings occur in the classroom or other venues and provide the freedom for Prep students to express their concerns, 意见和想法.
  • 指导演讲

    Periodically the counselors will meet with students during their advisory or community periods. 在耶稣会教育原则的背景下, these meetings will provide an opportunity for students to learn about a variety of topics such as: making a successful transition to the Prep; organizational and study skills; making healthy choices, 应对压力, 参与 in 课外活动; making new friends; an introduction to the ACT, PSAT, and SAT tests; and College 招生 Counseling. 

    学生也可以在小组中与他们的辅导员见面. These meetings will provide students with the opportunity to become more familiar with the counseling program at the Prep and to discuss about a variety of topics such as adjusting to the Prep, 参与, 常见问题, 研究策略, 等.
  • 药物滥用意识及预防计划

    The Prep's Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Program is a joint effort between the Counseling Department and the Dean's Office. The goal is to properly educate students so that they are aware of the realities behind substance use and abuse. 还涉及到一个测试组件. 这一政策的存在是为了减少学生的使用, identify those in need and provide a valid excuse to those students who don't wish to use but are susceptible to peer pressure.

    The counseling department is available to discuss issues surrounding drugs and alcohol. 他们意识到青少年生活中存在的压力. They are personally trained to help and have resources at our disposal to help our students regardless of their level of concern. 在Catapult学习服务公司的协助下. 约瑟夫预备学院致力于为冰球突破豪华版官网的社区提供思想、身体和精神健康. Programs are created to assist students in their journey toward mental health in the areas of 焦虑, 抑郁症以及社会化和执行功能. 

    冰球突破豪华版官网对教育的奉献是通过个人对话来实现的, 教室指导, small group work and yearly speakers devoted to help arm our students with information vital to proper decision making.
  • 附加服务

    Additional support is offered by two full-time Catapult 学习服务 professionals. These services are accessed via referral by the Prep Counselors and require parental consent. 学生将由他们的辅导员根据具体情况介绍. 

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